Birmingham Printing is proud to announce the purchase of a brand new energy-saving, environmentally friendly, Ryobi LED-UV offset printing press. This next-generation technology allows us to offer an “enviroprint” solution to our services.

The LED-UV system allows printed sheets to be quick-cured by UV light immediately after printing, offering advantages including shorter lead times, reduced power consumption, and environmental powderless printing on special media.

Mouse-3-icon Paper

Paper must be a minimum of 85% post-consumer material to be FSC compliant.

Mouse-3-icon Power Consumption

As part of our bid to be good stewards for the environment, our new press will use 25-30% less power compared to a traditional 40” 6-color sheet fed press with wire dryer. Drying is instantaneous,so no spray power or conventional drying equipment is necessary.

Mouse-3-icon Plates

FSC-compliant plates consume significantly less processing chemical reduced effuent discharge, and neither the plate nor the processing is harmful to the  environment.

Mouse-3-icon UV Ink

Unlike conventional soy-based inks, UV ink is cured dry instantly. It requires no “gas out” for drying and produces no VOC or ozone. UV ink is also soap and water soluble requiring substantially less alcohol and press wash for cleanup and less bleach for post-consumer recycling.